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Jeremy Eli

Jeremy is a very nice young model who contacted me through my instgram (shotsbygun). He showed up and I have found him to be very well spoken very polite and no attitude which is rare for someone this handsome. After a few shots I have noticed straight away that his skin is very very good even under the scrutiny of 100% view from my D800's 36.3 MP. He is also tall and have very toned body which make him very well suited for high fashion (I hate you Jeremy :-P).

After a coaching session from me, Jeremy has improved straight away. He picked up very quickly and applied the new technique to rest of the shoot.

It is very hard to stop shooting Jeremy, camera obviously loves him and this shoot is one of the most completed model port folio I have done to date. I had a very good shoot with you, thanks Jeremy, come back anytime. :)

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