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Chris Frantisek - Farm shoot

Chris is a long time friend, he is one of a few models that turned into a friend. We catch up often and he always speak about his beautiful family holiday home in the country side. But due to the 4 hours drive... I was not so keen to go there. But then I have been taking a lot of Studio shoots to the point where I want to give up shooting altogether. I felt that I need a fresh air and a new project to revive my love for photography. So, I called Chris to tell him that I am ready to brave the long journey.

The area is beautiful!!! The house was surrounded with beautiful landscape and we had a perfect weather for the shoot. I could not contain myself and started working straight away. We pretty much could do anything that we want, as there was no human to be seen.

I worked with Chris many times before so we know each other's working style and we could complete the shoot quite quickly. Location after location, moutain to river, I could not stop having a smile on my face.

We are both very happy with the results and I could pretty much cross "shooting in the outback Australia" off my bucket list.

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