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Mitchell Wick II

I know I have been lazy in updating the blogs but I hope this post will make up for the lost time. :)

Mitch is back!!! I told him I have got a new giant ring light (GRL) that I commissioned my good friend James Wood to do it and he was excited to come to test this new light. By the way, the inspiration for this GRL is from Mr Dani Diamond on this fstoppers article.

We both very pleased on the results that the it produced. It creates the unique look especially the reflections on the eyes.

After the GRL concluded we went on with Hollywood theme, suit, cigar, light, camera, Action!

Neither of us are smoking, Mitch is a trooper so he soldier through the nast cigar that I bought for the shoot (AUD $15 for 1, btw) but the result is soooo worth it. It is my best work yet. :) We also shot some of the new products from 2eros (thanks Jason!) over all it was a very productive day.

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