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Team effort

This is one of the biggest collaboration I had with MAU, Hair stylist, designers and models. All thanks to my friend Leslie who invited me to his shoot.

The day started with Annalise Mclachlan a 15 yo girl who is already a veteran with 6 years

modelling experience. Once she told me her age, I felt old so fast. But do not let her age fool you, she is a pro. Working with her is so easy, I always get what I want from her. I knew we had a great shoot because an hour went by without me realising.

Tammy is such a cool kid. She is quite active and full of energy and great attitude to match. With her long lines she is elegant it was very nice to work with her but due to my prior arrangement I could only spent a small amount of time with her. Would love to work with her again.

This shoot was so special thanks to this two amazing ladies Cathy and Carla. You have made things very easy for us for this shoot.

Lets collaborate again soon.

Please keep checking this space, I will have the full gallery updating soon.


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